One day, the laughing will start…


One day,

The laughing will start.

And it will be heard from the rooftops

And in the valleys

And under the sea

And in the forests

And on the hill

The deep bellied, full bodied, giant


And the joy of it!

What freedom it will be!

All the little animals, giggling,

Grannies twittering,

Babies gooooo, children hoohoohoooo!

The meek a pff! The brave a HOE!

And I, and my friends, a HAHAHAHAHA!

And all the people gazing, surprised, in glee

At the happy smiling faces,

All laughing,




She could go out dancing

She could go out dancing..

she could wrap her body

around music

fly into it

body light body hot body turning

thum thum thum

eh-ha eh-ha

Flip of the hip

turn of the thigh

into sky into heaven

The taste of wet cloud

In the nose and mouth

Hair black and around

bursting through this skin

as she became